There are many things we take for granted with operating systems.  Sometimes, they are overlooked for disabling when seeking to increase  performance on a virtual machine.

Such a feature would be windows system restore. This option is used to recover the operating system to a point before a change such as with a system patch. Can be valuable to the standard user but for a virtual machine running in a lab or data center?

The value of this feature has to be weighed over the resources used as it does it’s job. Many times is just not needed especially if your host has a snapshot capability(esx for example).

If your VM’s are running heavy duty jobs, it might be worth turning it off. Especially, if you are not installing or “tweaking” things on the VM.

Disabling System Restore.

Windows 7

  • Right-Click Computer and select properties
  • On the left, click the System Protection link
  • Click the configure button
  • Click “Turn of system protection” button
  • Click OK

Windows XP

  • Right-Click My Computer and select properties
  • Click the system retore tab
  • Click “Turn off System Restore” button
  • Click OK

People might be concerned about the change, measuring performance will help with the argument and you can always explain the snapshot function with the host.