A recent discussion on an administrator list was about monitoring snapshot deletions.  A snapshot was deleted and the administrator became concerned about the length of time it was taking for it to disappear.

As with most management functions, you normally use the VMware vSphere client. For small snapshots, this is sufficient but for larger snapshots; the process will jump to 95% and will remain at that level depending on how long the snapshot has been active.

Another way to monitor the process, is by use of the watch command.

You will need to access the host via ssh(of course you will have had to configure the host to allow it).

After you login; cd to where your vmdk files are stored.


watch “ls -luth *.vmdk”

Basically, an ls command will be issued against the .vmdk files every two seconds.  The options are as follows:

“l” will use the long listing format.

“h” will display the file sizes in human-readable format.

“u” will sort and show files by access time

“t” sorts by modification time.

Once you see the -delta files disappear; the deletion process is finished.

To kill the command, simply issue a ctrl-c

VMware KB article with more information