Normally, to install a system, I would boot off a pxeboot CD, copy the WIM file from a share and imagex apply it. There was a problem with the network configuration where I couldn’t get to the shares so I decided to use a USB stick.  After converting my USB’s file system to NTFS, I copied the WIM file and then copied it to the disk. I ran the imagex apply and the OS setup would fail on reboot.

Watching a safe mode boot; it would fail right after disk.sys would load.

At first I thought it was the drivers but nothing seemed to work.  What made it strange was the fact it worked on another system.  I compared the systems hardware and they were the same.  To make it even more strange, I reloaded the system which worked and after that it failed.

On a whim; I decided “why not apply directly from the USB stick?”

I entered:

D:\PEIMX\IMAGEX.exe /apply e:\myimage.wim 1 c:

I rebooted the system and it loaded. I tried this approach a couple more times and had no failures.


I did not seriously research a reason for the failures since using a USB stick is not a common procedure on my network.

In time I may look for an answer but for now this is a solution for anybody who has the same problem.