I completed an install of esxi 5.5 and returned to my desk which is in another building.  I needed to check something on the new host and discovered I forgot to enable ssh.

Not wanting to drive back to the host; I had a look around the vmware client.

There is a way to remotely enable ssh.

1) Access the host with the client.
2) Click the Configuration Tab.
3) You will see Services and Firewall
4) Click the Properties link for Services.
5) This will bring up the Services properties window.
6) Scroll through and look for SSH which should be in a stopped state.
7) Click on SSH and then click the options button.
8) Here you can configure how you would like ssh to run.  If you want it to run
   all the time, click Start and stop with Host
9) Click the Start Button under Services Commands.
10)Click OK twice to get back the client main section.

After that SSH will work.