I have VMware workstation but I rarely use it as I have access to a large ESX cluster. However, we do acquire companies and sometimes companies do things like run production from the workstation product as it’s cheaper.

We are iterating the company and of course we are phasing out the workstation installs. You would think VMware would make it really simple to migrate to the ESX product as it’s more expensive. But, such is not the case.

We used the vCenter converter and ran a powered on migration.  Slow but does the job.  We had the originals left over and wanted them deleted so a user didn’t notice them and think “oh wait, these VMs are supposed to be running”

If you use workstation, you would probably remember how to delete the VMs. However, at mentioned I rarely use it and the interface isn’t as intuitive as the VMware Client.  There is no simple right-click delete.

To delete a VM, you:

1) Start VMware Workstation
   • If remote, connect to the VMware Workstation installation.
2) Click the virtual machine.
3) Click the VM menu, select Manage and Click Delete from Disk.
4) Click Yes.

To free up the space in VMware Workstation, empty the Recycle Bin. Note: You will not have this option from remote access.