There was a “secret” movement of server equipment in our hardened site. I call it secret since notification of this plan was minimal. One of servers hit was a VMware ESXI host which happened to have two important VMs.

After the host was restored to the network with a new IP; I was surprised with this message when I tried to connect to it:

The VMRC console has disconnected.. attempting to reconnect

I tried a few things but nothing worked. This ESXI host was running version 5.0 and I remembered having an error message when trying to the VMware client wanted to update.

Due to the critical nature of the VMs; I did not have enough time to debug the issue. I ended up using another server and installed the VMware client from this host (ie http:/esxi host).

After that; I was able to connect to the host, power up the VMs and apply IP changes.