With our new XenApp effort; we are going to attempt VDI for our Linux users. Previously, we were using Sun Terminal servers but Citrix stopped supporting it awhile ago and now we have to change.

Our XenServer is version 6.5. Before you attempt to install xentools on any of your guests; make sure you have installed Service Pack 1 and all the suggested patching. Otherwise, you might find yourself having to update xentools again.

Installing Xentools is easier then I remember from a failed XenServer project a couple years ago. Well, the XenServer effort failed due to many mistakes by Citrix  and I probably flushed my brain of this experience as fast as possible.

To install Xentools on RedHat.

  1. Start XenCenter.
  2. Login into your Redhat guest as root.
  3. From XenCenter; click the link to install xentools or right-click your guest and select install xentools. This will load the ISO on the DVD.
  4. From your Redhat guest; enter:   mount /dev/dvd /mnt
  5. Enter: cd /mnt/Linux
  6. Enter:  ./install.sh
  7. Reboot after it finishes.

Surprisingly simple to do.