My adventures with Xenserver found a couple interesting problems today. The first I will leave for another post. This one involved trying to install an update: XS65E1003.

I was trying to install it via the updates wizard and when it came time to run the Prechecks; it would fail with the message:

Checking server side status ... failed with an unknown error.

Ever so helpful.

I ran the update a couple more times just to see if there was a bad download but the error continued.

The messages log didn’t show anything obvious then again I could have missed it.

I checked the Net to see if there was anything similar especially for the unknown error. I found similar errors but not exact.

I was reading through a problem with xenserver 6.2 and saw an interesting suggestion. From the shell enter:

xe vm-cd-eject --multiple --force

I figured why not? It couldn’t hurt as this pool was not in service yet.  It gave a few errors. Nothing is the CD/DVD drive and couldn’t talk to a host. I did notice there wasn’t a message for each system.

I re-ran the install and sure enough; it passed the prechecks.

Strange but expected considering Xenservers error messaging at times.

Normally, I would give a link to where I found the command to credit the person but for the life of me; I can’t find the page anymore. If I find it later, I will add a link.