I have been involved with computers for awhile.   I have worked in just about all aspects of IT.

Now, I find myself on a “walkabout” through the world of virtualization. I was introduced to it when when my company was purchased. My old company considered giving it a go but all we managed to accomplish was a few deployments of VMware desktop.

I have played with ESXI and ESX.   Now, I am the so called “expert” of Xenserver after I received formal training.   Citrix for the lack of a better description has been a quirky adventure.

I am planning to play with Hyper-V and see what it can do with terminal servers.   I also suspect I will be thrown into the world of KVM

I started this blog as I found information to be lacking at times.   I plan to write about the odd or cool things I discover as I hope they can help somebody else.

Thank you for visiting!